Hello Everybody!

After an extended hiatus, I have opted to re-join the Blogging Game.

I previously blogged under the ill-conceived “Dr. Dick’s Sports Blog” moniker, but now I’m back and re-branded!

Going forward as Sports Marketing Prof, consistent with my Twitter Account #sprtsmktgprof.

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One of those old postings, dated December 29, 2006, concerned Barry Zito’s signing by the Giants. Enjoy!

» Signing Barry Zito to a 7 year deal is crazy. Signing Barry Zito for $18 mill per is crazy. Doing both – that is 7 years at $18 mill per – is doubly crazy. Where could Scott Boras find a GM willing to agree to these ridiculous terms? Ladies and Gents: Brian Sabean.

» The line of the day regarding Mr. Sabean comes from Keith Law at ESPN.com who remarks that the Zito deal will be “an albatross around the neck of the successor to GM Brian Sabean.”

» A’s fans will relish the irony of this one. According to baseball-reference.com, Barry Zito made $18,035,000 in his seven seasons with the A’s. He will make that much per year with the dreaded (and dreadful) Giants.

» Baseball-reference.com also has a formula for identifying the most similar players by age. For the last three years, Zito’s most similar has been Mike Hampton. You remember Hampton. He’s been paid $77 mill since signing his mega-deal after the 2000 season, when he was 27. In the next 6 years he has won 53 games.

» As an A’s fan, I like Zito. As a person, he seems like a fun, non-conformist who takes his craft very seriously. Maybe he can win another 102 games during his seven years with the Giants. Maybe he’s the next Tom Glavine. I’m just glad I don’t have to pay him to find out.

» Don’t you wish you were Johan Santana.