1) Lin and Tebow.
Don’t see the connection at all. Except the “mania”, as I heard Colin Cowherd describe it.

Tebow won a Heisman. Played on TV every week in college. Was a first round draft pick.

Lin…um, no corresponding experiences.

Chalk up these Lin/Tebow comparisons as lazy journalism.

2) It will never last.
Depends on what you mean by “it” and “last”.

If “it” is 40 minutes, 25 points and 10 assists – then no.
If “it” is a starting point guard – then maybe.

If you like John Hollinger’s PER stat, Lin performed adequately – PER of 14.79 – LAST YEAR while being used sporadically and shuttled between the NBA and D-League.

So the ability to “last” seems highly probable based on past on-court performance. And the likelihood of “lasting” increases exponentially as marketability off the court is considered.