Last year at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, I gave a talk on the Evolution of Ticketing.

Today, I saw an article in the NY Times about being able to pick who you sit next to on a plane based on a Facebook-type profile.

Could similar Ticketing Technology be used to maximize the Fan Experience at sporting events?

Would a fan rather sit near similar people, as opposed to being randomly “assigned” near other fans?

I know the idea has intuitive appeal for the airplane setting.  When I fly to Boston on Wednesday for this year’s Sloan Conference, it would be beneficial to chat with another attendee.  Last year I sat next to a Golden State Warriors employee on the way home from Boston and enjoyed comparing notes about the sessions we’d attended. But that outcome was based on chance.

Couldn’t the ability to pre-select a person to sit near at a sporting event create a more satisfied fan?