Many are commenting on LeBron James’ passing up a chance to win yesterday’s All Star Game by passing the ball.

Adrian Wojnarowski’s column nicely summarizes this view.

Watching the game unfold, what was striking was LBJ’s six made triples.

In LeBron’s last five years in CLE, he chucked up 4.8 threes a game – hitting about 33 percent.

His first year with the Heat his attempts were reduced 3.5 per game.  In year two in South Beach, his three point attempts have dipped below two per game.  Correspondingly, his percentage converted has spiked to a career best 41.3 percent.

Has he improved because A) better shot selection B) he has matured into a better shooter or C) just a hot streak in a 33 game sample?

I’ll leave it to the analytics crowd to figure that out.

But it will be interesting to see if LeBron continues to eschew the temptation of launching threes or mistakenly interprets his hot day at the All Star Game as a green light to revert to being a volume three point shooter rather than an efficient one.