“Nobody has ever won a championship with Moneyball,” opined Toronto Maple Leafs’ GM Brian Burke at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

He added, “Have a parade, get a ring, and then write a book.”

He may just be playing the role of foil or contrarian. I don’t know.

But his dismissal of statistical analysis is ironically embraced by the “nerds” at the SSAC, where he is a annually a popular panelist.

Shouldn’t he be booed off the stage?

The tension between Burke and the attendees ought be more akin to the relationship between former ESPN announcer Joe Morgan and sabermetricians as chronicled here.  Right?

Burke is bright, witty and engaging.  He has also won a Stanley Cup.  And that combination matters.

But shouldn’t the analytics crowd attending SSAC be more critical of Burke’s message?  Rather than dazzled by his delivery?