Read on Twitter this morning that Greg Shaheen is being replaced as “NCAA Tournament Czar”.

Based on Jeff Goodman’s article linked above, Shaheen is almost universally liked.

Supporting Goodman’s position are Seth Davis’ tweets:

“The vast majority of people would have quit when they posted his job in December. Shaheen stayed thru tourney. Just cared too much.”

“There has been no greater advocate for the NCAA tournament than Greg Shaheen. Dumb move by Mark Emmert and Jim Isch to run him out of NCAA.”

Shaheen’s replacement is Mark Lewis, most recently of Jet Set Sports.


Now that I have you up to date on the facts of this story, on to my observation, which is about the power of LinkedIn:

I don’t know any of the people mentioned above.  Not Shaheen, not Lewis, not Goodman, not Davis,.

But I could.  You may be familiar with LinkedIn.  A quick review of what I found out about each man:

I have four Connections who are connected to Shaheen.  Small world!

Lewis was a member of the Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee. Goodman claimed not to know anything other than the Jet Set position.

Come on Goodman, you are better journalist than that!  If I can find out about Lewis’ past in a few seconds, you can too!

Surprisingly, neither Goodman nor Davis has a LinkedIn profile.  I’d recommend they do ASAP.

Because even if you don’t wish to “connect” with people, it is a valuable resource.

You can use what I call the “Daryl Morey” and sign up for a LinkedIn account without engaging anyone.

Then you have full power of this resource, with no effort required.  LinkedIn is a Small World – be part of it!