Close your eyes.

Go ahead, do it.  Wait – don’t!  You won’t be able to read this post!

Just imagine Oakland A’s sensation Yoenis Cespedes – but in a Red Sox uniform.

Or Yankees or Phillies.

I ask you to do this mental exercise not as a prediction of where Cespedes might land after his 4 year $36 million contract expires.

Instead, it is to illustrate the level of  national media coverage for a player who is ninth in the AL in homers (5), fifth in RBIs (19) and fourth in swiped sacks (4).

If a twenty six year old Cuban rookie were playing for one of the high profile, East Coast media darling teams we may be seeing a Linsanity-esque level of discourse.

Alas, playing in Oakland has brought little national attention – yet.

If Cespedes keeps playing at this level (OPS .834) the media coverage is likely to bloom as the All-Star Game comes into focus.

We shall see.