Charles Barkley consistently calls Tim Duncan “the greatest power forward ever”.

Maybe he is right. But Karl Malone certainly merits consideration.

In fact, he scored more than 14,000 MORE points than Duncan in his career – which is approximately how many points Alonzo Mourning scored in his ENTIRE career.

A few other numbers:

Rebounds Malone 14,968 – Duncan 12,533

FG% Malone 51.6% – Duncan 50.7%

FT% Malone 74.2% – 68.8%

Blocks Malone 1145 – Duncan 2469

Steals Malone 2085 – Duncan 822

Assists Malone 5248 – Duncan 3428

Turnovers Malone 4524 – Duncan 2854

PPG Malone 25.0 – Duncan 20.3

RPG Malone 10.1 – Duncan 11.3

This list does not seem to provide compelling evidence that Duncan is CLEARLY the better player.

Likely, Barkley’s conclusion is based in large measure by the Championships won by the TEAMS Duncan played on.

I thought the Analytics Revolution would move us past such simplistic evaluations as counting rings to determine the better player.