Had a great time chatting online with KNBR morning radio personality Kate Scott today.

The topic was the Giants free agent signings  – with a focus on Marco Scutaro.

If you are not following along on Twitter (my handle is @sprtsmktgprof), here is the transcript:

KS: Perspective. RT @JimBowdenESPNxm: What does $78m buy? For Red Sox Napoli & Victorino for Giants Pagan, Scutaro & Affeldt. #SFGiants

‏SMP:@katetscott 78 mill gets Sox Napoli & Victorino; Giants Pagan, Scutaro & Affeldt – my guess is both teams regret it #WrongSideOf30

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof Hahaha. Is your nickname Mr. Positivity? 😉

SMP: @katetscott Nope. Just a realist. Using another team’s foolish spending for “perspective” doesn’t work.

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof I suppose we agree to disagree then.

SMP: @katetscott What if on Opening Day 2012 #SFGiants had a chance to sign Pagan/Scutaro to these deals? #WouldHaveBeenKilled

KS: @sprtsmktgprof True. They hadn’t helped win a World Series yet though, so there’s that.

SMP: @katetscott Right! But #SFGiants WS win is ALREADY secured & the players were ALREADY paid! Or does no one remember #AubreyHuff?

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof We allllll remember the thong. But guys that hit singles and play defense are less risky than betting on HR hitters, no?

SMP: @katetscott Yes – less risky. But track record for 37 yo middle infielders ain’t great!

‏SMP: @katetscott Krukow said “no one expects Scutaro to be a full time starter at the end of this contract” – then why pay him like one!

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof Well, they’ll probably be paying Panik pennies at that point, so it’ll even out.

‏SMP: @katetscott We shall see! Fun chatting. And agreeing to disagree!

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof Hahaha, I agree. I mean, um …

SMP: @katescott A reasonable summary of expected value & outcome of Scutaro deal: http://mlb.sbnation.com/2012/12/5/3731642/mlb-winter-meetings-marco-scutaro-signing-sf-giants