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Had a great time chatting online with KNBR morning radio personality Kate Scott today.

The topic was the Giants free agent signings  – with a focus on Marco Scutaro.

If you are not following along on Twitter (my handle is @sprtsmktgprof), here is the transcript:

KS: Perspective. RT @JimBowdenESPNxm: What does $78m buy? For Red Sox Napoli & Victorino for Giants Pagan, Scutaro & Affeldt. #SFGiants

‏SMP:@katetscott 78 mill gets Sox Napoli & Victorino; Giants Pagan, Scutaro & Affeldt – my guess is both teams regret it #WrongSideOf30

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof Hahaha. Is your nickname Mr. Positivity? 😉

SMP: @katetscott Nope. Just a realist. Using another team’s foolish spending for “perspective” doesn’t work.

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof I suppose we agree to disagree then.

SMP: @katetscott What if on Opening Day 2012 #SFGiants had a chance to sign Pagan/Scutaro to these deals? #WouldHaveBeenKilled

KS: @sprtsmktgprof True. They hadn’t helped win a World Series yet though, so there’s that.

SMP: @katetscott Right! But #SFGiants WS win is ALREADY secured & the players were ALREADY paid! Or does no one remember #AubreyHuff?

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof We allllll remember the thong. But guys that hit singles and play defense are less risky than betting on HR hitters, no?

SMP: @katetscott Yes – less risky. But track record for 37 yo middle infielders ain’t great!

‏SMP: @katetscott Krukow said “no one expects Scutaro to be a full time starter at the end of this contract” – then why pay him like one!

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof Well, they’ll probably be paying Panik pennies at that point, so it’ll even out.

‏SMP: @katetscott We shall see! Fun chatting. And agreeing to disagree!

‏KS: @sprtsmktgprof Hahaha, I agree. I mean, um …

SMP: @katescott A reasonable summary of expected value & outcome of Scutaro deal:



A Yahoo! story reports today that Real Madrid is opening a resort in the United Arab Emirates.

I wanted to offer some analysis. Which is interesting, given that I know almost nothing about soccer, Real Madrid or the UAE.

But I do know something about Sports and Brand Extensions.

And so do you.

As sports fans and consumers, we experience brand extensions regularly.

From Raider Image Stores, to ESPN2, to, to the WNBA we have all encountered new product offerings that allow sports brands to leverage their place in fans’ hearts, minds and wallets.

My favorite academic framework for considering brand extensions is from Park, Milberg & Lawson who suggest the two elements to consider in predicting the success of a brand extension are Product Feature Similarity and Brand Concept Consistency.

Product Feature Similarity (PFS) refers to how close the brand extension is to the original product.  Gatorade and G2 are both flavored, colored sport drinks – thus, high on PFS.  ESPN and ESPNZone restaurants are a TV network and a restaurant chain – thus low on PFS.

Brand Concept Consistency (BCC) is more interpretive. If ESPN’s brand concept is defined as “the place to be for sports”, it is easy to see the BCC between ESPN (the network) and ESPNZone (the restaurant).

Returning to the Real Madrid/UAE resort brand extension effort, I have no idea if this brand extension will work.

Having briefly presented the PFS/BCC framework, I’d be interested to hear if my readers have any predictions based, on their knowledge of Real Madrid’s brand and whether it will translate easily to a resort property.